Why use me?

True – with the internet,….why would anyone use a Travel Professional ?

But surely – if we need legal advice – we go to a solicitor, if we need medical advice, – we go to a Doctor, and so on.


By using me, my clients put their trust in me, they know that I will deal with their plans in a totally honest and transparent manner, and with the attention to detail that can make the difference in the trip being a hassle or a smooth and memorable event.

Together with my partners, – all carefully chosen for their total reliability and uncompromising quality controls, we ensure that your thoughts and plans are carefully explored and suitable suggestions made, with different flight options and hotel/room options being presented to you for discussion and suitability.


If I have seen a Hotel that you are interested in, I’ll give you my HONEST opinions as to its suitability for you, and we can look at all or other options if required.

If I haven’t seen a property, I’ll know someone who has !


I’m more than happy to visit any of my clients, or new clients, at their own home or Office address to discuss their requirements, or at any stage of my involvement, and more often than not, final tickets & documentation are usually also personally delivered by myself too.


Finally, my phone is always ON.

My clients use my services because I make the planning of their travel arrangements easier, and if this means that you would like to speak with me during the evening when your working day has ended, that is absolutely fine with me, and the same applies to weekends.