Dubai – May 2012


I first went to Dubai some 8/9 years ago, courtesy of the Dubai Tourism Authority, and when Dubai was in its developmental ‘infancy’ perhaps, there was a LOT of building going, and it all seemed a bit confused. I came away wondering what all the fuss was about If I’m honest.
However, today, as we recently experienced, Dubai is a bustling hub of sophistication, and well worth a visit.
Along with 3 other couples, we ventured across for 5nts, flying with Emirates, and staying at the simply stunning One & Only Palace at the Royal Mirage Hotel, close to the Dubai Marina area and on the beach opposite the Palm Island.

The Palace is the larger of the 3 Hotels at the Royal Mirage, – the others being the Arabian Court & The Residence, but don’t let that put you off, it is simply spectacularly elegant, and with a Pool & Garden area that rivals any in the world in my opinion, and I have seen a few. That Pool area has also just recently been renovated too, although how it could be improved I don’t know !

The Hotel is right on the fantastic beach, with superbly clear sea to swim, and a host of water sports for those that feel energetic.
For those that don’t, the waiters tend to your every need, be it complimentary glasses of water or cleaning your sunglasses, or anything else you require.


We also dined in 5 of the 8 Restaurants available in the Hotel, with our complimentary Half Board arrangement, and all were excellent, with perhaps Eau Zone being all our favourite, – its ambience was simply beyond anything I have experienced anywhere else, and the food stunning.



Away from the Hotel, we had some great fun – a trip up the frighteningly high Burj Khalifa, before watching the fountains at the base, and then a couple of hours in the Dubai Mall. Believe me, ‘If Carlsberg did Malls……’ – this would be it !!

A 4×4 Dune Safari occupied another morning, where we experienced what a true 4 wheel drive vehicle could ‘actually’ do, rather than take the kids to school ! Great fun.

Golf for 4 of us the next day at the new Ernie Els course, – simply wow, fantastic course and fantastic service, though in May, perhaps a smidge warm at 40degrees + !

Highlight of the trip on the last day, a Speedboat for the 8 of us for 2hours, where the 2 crew whisked us around the Palm Island with its myriad of Villas, up close & personal with the stunning Burj Al Arab Hotel, and through the Dubai Marina area.
Glass of wine in hand, this was a fab 2hours !!

So, yes, I’m converted, and Dubai has been transformed from somewhere that didn’t really add up, ….. to a bustling, trendy, and sophisticated place for some sun & fun.
It might not be the kind of place you’d go for a 2 week family holiday, but for 5/7nts and a whole lotta fun, its fabulous ☺


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