Pebble Beach – a Golfing Grail


Being in the travel industry for over 30years has afforded me some wonderful opportunities to visit beautiful places, and some beautiful Hotels, but back in October 2012, I took a call from a close contact who had something exciting to offer me…..

Pebble Beach, that Mecca for Golfers the world over, was to host a small select group of just 6 UK Travel Professionals with Carrier here in the UK, and I was invited to be part of the trip. As you can imagine, when asked if I could ‘check my diary’, I simply replied that I couldnt think of a single event that could possibly keep me away !!

So, on 28th Feb, BA whisked us over to San Francisco, and we arrived in what I can only describe as ‘perfect UK summer conditions’ in late Feb in California – a balmy 69 degrees, with the forecast for more of the same for our 3 days ahead.  We took in the Golden Gate bridge, an awesome spectacle guarding the stunning Bay of San Fran, we lingered a while in Sausolito over the bridge, and we toured the fabulous city taking in the main sights, Union Square, Fishermans Wharf, and too many more to mention.   San Francisco is a stunning city. Period.  IMG_7490

Late that day, we headed down the coast to the Carmel/Monterey Peninsula, and Pebble Beach itself, and the atmosphere was electric as 6 keen Golfers could only imagine what lay ahead.  Once we turned off the highway, and onto ’17 Mile Drive’, on which Pebble Beach sits, the first glimpses of the Pebble Beach Golf Links and area around it simply took our breath away, it is without doubt Gods Country.

Once checked in at the lovely Inn at Spanish Bay, we were dined (& wined !) handsomely, and welcomed incredibly as the 1st UK Travel Industry hosted guests at Pebble Beach, quite a priveledge we appreciated.

The following morning, I can only describe the conditions as being more perfect than perfect, – completely still, totally blue sky, and a forecast of 72* for the day. Our caddie, provided by our hosts, guaranteed us that whenever we might have come to Pebble Beach, we COULDNT have had a better day to play these hallowed fairways, and we believed him.

The fairways were like carpets, the tees too, and the Greens were simply like a snooker table ! Even as a Single figure handicapper, to 2-putt was a miracle, and thinking back not 3 weeks since watching the Pro’s tame this same course with seeming ease was a joke.  But the day was not for marking a card and fretting about shots missed, it was for soaking in the Beauty of Pebble Beach & the Carmel & Monterey Peninsula, and trying to appreciate it as much as is absolutely possible in such a short time.


I looked over the cliff from the short 8th, down into the surf as the waves washed over the rocks below, and watched Sea Otters basking in the kelp as they ate their latest catch, and simply wondered if there was any Golf Coures in the world as beautiful/stunning/spectacular/fantastic/manicured,…as Pebble Beach.

Our trip was over all too soon, and we left California in a daze at what we’d seen and experienced, a ‘Notch’ on our lifelong Golfing post well and truly carved, and one thing’s for sure, this one wont be easily blurred.

If any of you reading this fancy experiencing Golf Heaven, and the simply stunning area of Carmel & Monterey, give me a call, I’m only too pleased to talk you through it……AGAIN !



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